Your complete guide to decoding fertility acronyms and terminology

Published by Vanessa Green on
To say that undergoing fertility treatment is overwhelming would be an understatement. But what I found especially challenging when I first ventured into the world of IVF was the sheer number of acronyms and treatment-specific terminology. At times, it seemed like a different... Read More

What I wish I'd known about IVF

Published by Vanessa Green on
Like so many experiences in life, it’s hard to know what fertility treatment will be like for you before you go through it. I naively thought that it “Couldn’t be that hard” despite mountains of evidence that indicate it is incredibly emotionally, physically, financially, and mental... Read More

Trying To Conceive: How Much Do Fertility Treatments Actually Cost?

Published by Taneia Surles on
When you’re dealing with infertility, making a baby the ‘old fashioned way’ – for free – can seem like a foreign concept. Instead, you’re forced to spend countless dollars on ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, and for some, fertility treatments like ... Read More

Fertility care is broken - we need a better way forward

Published by Vanessa Green on
Before I decided to have children, the entire concept of fertility treatments was foreign to me. Sure, I’d heard the term IVF thrown around, and I had a vague idea of what it involved.  But it wasn’t until I experienced infertility while trying for my second child that I realized just how ... Read More

The Hidden Cost of IVF: 5 Things No One Tells You

Published by Lindsey Williams on
For most people who choose to pursue it, IVF is one of the biggest financial undertakings of their lives. Unfortunately, with the bulk of insurance plans in the United States still not offering coverage for IVF or other fertility treatments, out-of-pocket costs for patients can be daunting. Curre... Read More

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