Hera Care+

Get dedicated support throughout your fertility journey

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Enhancing care throughout your fertility journey

For those undergoing fertility treatment, Hera Care+ offers a dedicated care team at your side, working with you and your fertility clinic to help guide you through your fertility journey. Your care team includes a dedicated care navigator, financial counselor, health educator, and clinical pharmacist.

What do Hera Care+ services include?

Access to clinical and financial fertility experts who provide personalized support and advice
Support from renowned clinical pharmacist and fertility medication specialist Elise Fields (host of ‘Your Fertility Pharmacist’ podcast) to help with all aspects of your fertility medication
Advice on drug side effects and interactions, medication storage, and how to administer your medication
Guidance and information about your medication, why you are taking it and how each drug works in relation to your treatment
Discount programs for fertility services like medication and genetic testing
Round-the-clock care from your fertility advisor and fertility care team
Advice on insurance coverage options
Resources on where to find financing for your fertility treatment
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How it works

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Fill out our form

Enter your email so we know where to contact you.

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Access the Hera app and match with your care team

Once we get your email, we will add you to the Hera app and match you up with the best care team for you and your needs.

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Schedule your initial meet and greet

Its best you share some information about your fertility journey and then meet your care team. That way you can put a face to the name. And ask all the questions you have.


How do you partner with my clinic?

We work directly with your clinic to enhance the support you receive throughout your fertility journey. We can coordinate payments with your clinic and other payers, provide clarity on your treatment plan, and enhance the fertility services your clinic offers.

How much does Hera Care+ cost?

Hera Care+ is included when you are approved for Hera Lending, or it can be purchased as a standalone service for US $50/month.

What is the commitment for a Hera Care+ membership?

The minimum term for a Hera Care+ membership is three months, and you cancel any time after your first three months.

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