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Our infertility journey has been tough. Not only is the process emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting, the financial aspect is insane. Hera Fertility helps with ALL of these areas on our journey to have a family and we’re so thankful!

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Uncover your fertility potential through our advanced AI-based assessment and convenient at-home testing. Experience the guidance and unwavering support of a dedicated fertility care team that will tailor personalized advice to your unique journey. Embark on your path to parenthood with confidence, knowing that we're here to empower you every step of the way.


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Our dedicated clinicians conduct a thorough review of all tests and information, providing you with detailed findings and the option for prompt phone consultations, ensuring personalized care tailored to your needs. Rest assured, we're here to guide you every step of the way, making informed decisions together for your fertility journey.


Get the best plan and treatment options

Discover a personalized fertility journey with us. We explore all medication options before considering IUI or IVF, ensuring a thorough approach to your treatment. Our extensive network of top fertility partners guarantees exceptional care when needed.

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We have an extensive network of top fertility partners, including clinics, payors, and pharmacies. Here are a few of them:

Why choose Hera Discovery?

Get personalized fertility insights and a compassionate care plan with Hera Discovery, helping you make informed decisions about your family planning journey.


Enjoy the convenience of consulting with fertility specialists from the comfort of your home. With our at-home or nearby fertility testing and telemedicine services, you can connect with experienced fertility doctors and receive personalized guidance on your fertility journey, all without having to leave your house.


For individuals living in areas with limited fertility resources, connecting virtually and doing fertility tests at or nearby home can offer greater accessibility to testing options.


Our care advisors and team offer tailored assistance and guidance via the Hera app, ensuring that you receive personalized support. If required, Hera will help you connect with the most suitable clinic for your needs, all the while providing you with unwavering support.

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