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Published by Olivia

Sunny side bump

Posted on
February 13, 2024

Read Time
5 mins

My fertility medical team is an hour away. That means I have to take an hour to get there, an hour to get back, get there a half hour earlier to preregister, give myself another half hour buffer (at least) if they’re running late, then an hour for the actual appointment itself.

I have to block out at least 4 hours every time I need to go in.

That’s half a work day. I accrue 80 hours of sick time each year. Going for a round of IVF? OMG… the amount of time I’ll need to take from my banked sick hours. The stress and anxiety in just scheduling an appointment to be seen is unreal. Add on the heavy discussions of the cost of a fertility treatment plan AND the amount of medications and injections that you’ll have to take.

I feel numb walking out of these appointments.

I get back home to walk the dogs, catch up on work emails, and think about what to make for dinner. The whole process of getting an appointment and meeting with my medical team is just exhausting. As I rehash the appointment over and over again to put together a synopsis to share with my husband at the dinner table, it clicks. Nobody asked me one baseline question during my time at the clinic today.

The value of “How are you?” is egregiously underrated in the world of fertility care.

And maybe it’s a generational gap that we need to fill. Trends indicate that women are having children later in life with birth rates higher for women in their 30s and 40s. Generational gaps bring generational expectations which can be a challenge at times. identified gaps in healthcare that they’re seeing based on today’s “millennial” patient:

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