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We line up affordable financing options with 0% APR for your fertility treatments in just 2 days.

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Hera’s white labeled solution frees up REI time and increases patient conversions. We provide pre-screening services for infertility patients, from health history reviews, diagnostic work-ups, to treatment recommendations. By the time we send them to you, they’re treatment-ready!

Clinics that are embracing the future of fertility care management
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of fertility clinic staff say time and workload are their biggest work stressors.

How we help clinics

support icon Patient Intake

We integrate our digital tools with your sign up flow to create a smooth intake system for you. Hera’s experienced fertility team can handle health history reviews, initial consultations, and diagnostics. Our partner clinics are already seeing a 24% increase in access to patients.

support icon Handle Workup

We collect all medical history and blood work you normally would do. We recommend the treatment options you can offer to your patients.

support icon Pre-Qualify Patients

We can pre-qualify patients for you, so they’re fully informed about treatment costs, are already approved for financing, and ready to get started when they come to your clinic. Our partner clinics have reported a 30% increase in patient conversion to treatment.

Why Hera for your clinic

It saves time

Since the initial discovery is already taken care of, by the time we send a patient to you, they are fully vetted and prepared, mentally and financially to get started on your clinic’s high value procedure.

It’s intuitive

All you have to do is hit ‘Approve’ on a new patient and they are now yours. The patient’s report is customized to your requirements and ready for action.

It’s a patient favorite

With less wait time, more face time, and an ever-present fertility guide, your patients will feel more at peace and choose to be with you for the long haul!

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How this works

No setup fees, no monthly fees, or hidden fees. We're just here to help you focus on what you do best!

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partners with hera
1. Partner with Hera

Give your clinic and your patients access to our online fertility financing platform and dedicated concierge service.

Your patient applies online
2. Your patient applies online

In less than 5 mins, your patient can get pre-approved - with no hard credit check.

Your clinic receives funds
3. Your clinic receives funds

Once approved, within 24-48 hours, the funds arrive in your clinic’s bank account.

Concierge Care
4. Concierge Care

We take care of all financing-related administrative support for this patient from here on out.

Earn your Commission
5. Earn your Commission

We credit your commission to your clinic’s bank account at the beginning of every new month.

Enroll your clinic 

Need support in streamlining your existing patient roster? No problem. We can plug in our tech into your clinic system seamlessly.


Want help with the initial medical health review, diagnostic work-up, or consult for your patients? Send them our way. Our patient app can help them get assessed, tested, and keep a report ready for you with recommendations

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Hera Discovery

Want help with the initial medical health review, diagnostic work-up, or consult for your patients? Send them our way. Our in-house fertility team can help them get a diagnosis, create a treatment plan, and keep a report ready for you.


Hera Financing

Are your patients looking for more affordable fertility financing options? We’ve got a fantastic lineup of affordable payment plans starting from 0% APR. We can have loans of up to $35,000 directly transferred to your clinic in as quickly as 48 hours.


Hera Support

Need help fielding questions and providing more personal guidance on a daily basis. We can be in your patient’s pocket 24/7. We provide Fertility Care Advisors and Nurses who can help your patients stay on track through our App.


Create a seamless flow of prioritized patients!

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We’ve got your back. Let your patients enjoy a level of preparedness and personal fertility care they’ve never experienced before.

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