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At-Home Sperm Test Kit X 2

At-Home Sperm Test Kit X 2

FSA & HSA eligible

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50% of infertility cases are due to sperm health and male factors.

Our simple at-home kit helps check sperm quality and spot male factor issues. If there's something wrong, we give you practical tips to boost male fertility. 

• Get results on your phone fast (in 20 minutes) with no mailing or lab visits.

• Over 97% accuracy compared to a lab test.

• FDA & HEALTH CANADA CLEARED. Doctor Recommended.

    Get the kit, collect a sample, run the test at home, and get results immediately. Receive personalized guidance to optimize male fertility.

    We'll also connect you with a Hera Fertility advisor for access to a rapid fertility assessment and to arrange a fast-tracked telehealth appointment with a male fertility specialist

    Not for post-vasectomy testing.

    Includes 2 tests.

    FSA & HSA eligible - you can purchase the kit using your FSA or HSA funds. All products are registered and approved for flexible spending accounts

    Scientific study: Agarwal A, Selvam MK, Sharma R, Master K, Sharma A, Gupta S, Henkel R. Home sperm testing device versus laboratory sperm quality analyzer: comparison of motile sperm concentration. Fertility and sterility. 2018 Dec 1;110(7):1277-84.

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    Health Canada Certificate 

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the test checking with my sperm?

    A semen analysis is conducted to test a man's semen count (concentration), moving semen (motility), normally shaped semen (morphology), and other parameters. One of the most important factors in achieving a pregnancy is the number of motile semen in the sample. Semen cells need to move forward to reach the egg during natural conception. If the semen cannot swim to the egg, natural pregnancy is not possible.

    How do I take this test?

    1. Download the app on Android, iPhone, Windows PC, or Mac.
    2. Open the app and connect the testing device to WiFi as directed.
    3. Lay out all components on a clean surface.
    4. Collect your sample in the provided cup.
    5. Add liquefaction powder to the sample and wait 10 minutes.
    6. Mix the sample until it becomes runny.
    7. Use the pipette to place the sample on the slide.
    8. Insert the slide into the device, which records a sperm movement video.
    9. The app on your phone will show your results in just 2 minutes.

    What do I need to take this test?

    The kit includes a WiFi-enabled testing device that connects to your smartphone or computer, along with all necessary accessories and a power cable. It's compatible with iPhone (iOS 11+), Android (Android 6+), PC (Windows 7+), and Mac (Mojave+), except for Google Pixel devices with Android 13.

    Instructions detail how to download the testing app, which will guide you through a 20-minute testing process, providing instant results.

    Why should a man test first?

    Female fertility procedures can be costly, invasive, and unnecessary if the issue lies elsewhere. Instead of immediately pursuing such options, consider starting with an affordable and non-invasive YO Semen Analysis test at home. This test can provide clarity and guide both partners toward understanding potential steps for pregnancy. Moreover, many doctors define infertility as no pregnancy after a year of trying. If there's a known semen quality concern, why delay?

    What if my score is low?

    If you discover low motile sperm concentration or quality, there's no need to panic. Sperm have the ability to regenerate and respond positively to healthy habits. We suggest incorporating research-backed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like those found in the Men's Multivitamins for sperm health, adopting lifestyle changes, and talking to a doctor if you're planning to conceive. Speak to a Hera Advisor to get a personalized plan.

    Our Trusted Fertility Experts

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